I’m Goddess Alexa. Divine Feminine Dominatrix. I believe in the superiority of Women and the freedom of sexual expression. I could do various things to you. I could rewire your mind to obsess over me, I could mindfuck you into serving me in ways you wouldn’t even do for yourself. Binding your cash to please me and make me happy, you know I deserve it. Dominate your dick to work it’s best only for me. I could even make you fall in love with me without ever touching you. The thought of this power I hold might scare you a little, it might make you feel a tingly sensation, or both. 

“There is a reason why all that is grand, expensive and beautiful is called a SHE”- The divine Goddess Alexa

Basics for Beginners:

  • What is Femdom?

     Female Domination where a woman is dominant over a submissive

  • Does it always cause physical pain?

No. It’s different for different people. Some have limits against pain while others need it as a part of their kink.

  • Will anyone in my personal life find out about me doing this?

That depends on you, I can’t control your wife going through your search history or your coworker walking past you glancing at your screen as you scroll over my page. Most people prefer discretion and that’s never been a problem for me.

  • What’s the difference between being your personal submissive/slave VS being an unowned submissive/slave?

If you’re asking this question that means you’re not currently a personal subby of mine but want to. Well, to officially be given the privilege of being my submissive/slave, you would start off with filling out a slave application. Answer each question honestly. It helps to have heard from you before via tributes, gifts, making clip purchases often, subscribing to my fan sites, these things get you noticed, they give you brownie points against all the other slave applicants. I keep my stable at a certain size to properly develop my individual D/S connection with each slave so the competition isn’t easy to surpass. Which is being an unowned submissive comes into play. If you don’t make the cut to be my slave, you may be a loyal and devoted submissive to serve, obey, and worship me. Good boys get noticed.

  • Are all Dominant/Submissive connections and relationships the same or treated the same?

No, because not every sub/slave is the same. Some of you want to be a complete 100% voluntary submissive slave for me, while others will have limits in what they can do to serve, obey and worship me. That’s why slave applications are so important. 

  • Don’t Femdommes just hate men and use this as a way to express that?

No, This is a common misconception believed by the ignorant. Do we know that women are above men? Yes, it’s easy to see that women are the superior gender of the human species. We’re strong, clever, emotionally intelligent, captivating, beautiful, desirable, and nobody has ever started a war over the love of a man but there’s countless tales and historical stories of men fighting for the approval, love and desire of a woman. 

*Must be 18+ to access this site and view the content. *

*Events and activities written about, are to be done only between consenting adults*

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