First blog post

If you’re just now discovering me, I am Goddess Alexa, You may address me a  Goddess Alexa, or Divina Alexa. As for those who have been a fan and following me, welcome to my Official Web Site. Here you can find my Blog, links to all of my Fetish Porn Sites, Wishlist, Photos and a private Contact Form. Follow me on twitter for quick updates, photos, and fan interaction!
I’m a Professional Femdom, Fetish Video Actress, and lifestyle Dominatrix. I’ve been doing this for a short amount of time, but my mentality has been in it since as far back as age 14. I even wrote a book when I was a teen about a strong hot chick who would seduce men and destroy men, what a coincidence huh? I have my own submissive slaves, financially dominate mens wallets online via webcam, and produce fetish videos which I’m the star of, all while going to school for Electrical Engineering and being a mother to Four cats and the girlfriend of an intelligent and kind alpha male. Fetish and Femdom are my lifestyle. Oh yeah, go Buy my hot Fetish porn videos! I’m known specially for my natural teasing nature, magical hands, Facesitting technique, Cuckolding with my stud, and my deviant smirk. I’m called the Facesitting Queen, Master of Edging, and recognizable walking out of an elevator simply by my ass alone. Yeah, my ass is THAT nice.

You can drool over and BUY my Fetish videos at

  • Facesitting, Mixed Wrestling and Handjobs at Divine Guru Alexa 
  • Financial Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, SPH, Cuckolding, Execuutrix,  Poppers, Foot Fetish, Humilatrix videos at Goddess Alexa Divina 

Read, enjoy, jerk off in my name if you would like as long as you send me a tribute FIRST. Thats a command, subby.

Remember this always, that I Goddess Alexa, own your cock, your mind, and your wallet, and you like it. My power over you gives you a release far beyond what any vanilla gives you. 

To send me a tribute, there are a few ways to do so.

First one, Go to giftrocket My Preferred Tribute Method Here and enter my email address to send tribute.

The Second option is you can go to my 2nd FAV tribute method and make your way to the “Tribute Me” button

Third, my wishlist at Gifts for Alexa I love Gifts! I like to guess what they are before opening them and bragging about them on my sites

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