About Me

OK, if you look up the word ” Dominatrix “, you will see that there are a whole lot of uneducated opinions out there. Not just about myself but also every other Domme I’ve met is hardly, if at all- like the descriptions of what mainstream society believes about Dommes, due to our lifestyle being considered “sex work”. SO, this is about ME. Pay attention.

I’m in my 20’s, and have spent these years on Earth between California, Florida, and now Nevada. California is my homeland,  BUT not where I plan to spend my life at. I enjoy exploring new places, seeing new sights and not meeting new people. Ha, you thought I was going to say meeting new people. Psh. I’m very selective of the people I choose to surround myself with. Most women I try to become friends with either end up getting a crush on me and stalking me(the most recent one) or getting all insecure because of my job, lifestyle, or their boyfriends curiosity and interest in me, though I do not ask for their interest nor desire it.  Growing up my parents weren’t together, in fact they were on opposite sides of the country after meeting in the military, and it’s a good thing they didn’t stick together because they are sooo incredibly different in every way shape and form haha My father was smothering, over bearing and extremely strict, he promoted independence and self resourcefulness and He ran our house like as if he was the sergeant of a small camp. My mother on the other hand was loosey-goosey, played the friend card more than the mom card, she promoted female independence specifically and was a true natural Femdomme, just not professionally . All through the years whether I was with my mother or father, I had three constants- Animals and Art/building things, and a high level of perversion. LOL lets start with the first one-I love animals, originally when I got into the world of video production and filming, It was to help myself pay for school- I had wanted to be a Veterinarian since I was like 15 and my parents weren’t together and both practiced the art of butthole-parentism so financial aid from family wasn’t an option , plus- I took care of myself and my youngest sister. Oh yeah, I’m the oldest of 7, HA, yeah I know, wow. After some time, I learned some facts I really disliked about the agricultural and medical industries, so I decided to end my path to becoming a Veterinarian, while continuing to further my path into the world of sex workers,  Fetish, Femdom and online video porn. Some time went by, I did some typical young-girl-in-her-twenties kind of things like shop with my friends, flirt with people just for kicks, go to the beach every day I could and model bikinis. I also did some less than typical things like move across country with nothing but a suitcase with a weeks worth of clothing after breaking up with my then boyfriend and dumping my agency to then start a whole new life from scratch. I was one hell of a free woman. Some time went by and I met a guy, the same guy who I’m in a committed relationship with To this day. You may have seen him in my Handjob or Facesitting fetish videos in my store at Divine Guru Alexa . Filming fetish videos is awesome foreplay by the way, you should totally try it with a consenting adult, ya know, if you actually have someone in your life who wants to fuck you Haha. So, long story short, I completely immersed myself into the fetish world of Femdom, got into school for electrical engineering and it’s been my lifestyle ever since.

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