3K Ass Addict Rinse

This past week has been pretty fun! It’s my last week of my semester, I decided to get this new site up after over a year of not having a personal site due to stalking issues! [don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about this soon] Made a fun Custom video and some new Fetish videos for my sites- But truly the best part of this week was when I rinsed 3.3K out of the wallet of a real ass addict , in a total of less than 3 hours. HA! Read the full story below my cute selfie



mmm, $$$$ Whats Up? My bank account


So, for those who don’t know what an ” Ass Addict ” is, it’s simply a male who has a taste for fine plump booties on pretty girls like… Me.

A few months ago he bought my KiK ID [which is listed for sale at Alexa Divina ]and through there we began texting.. Well a few nights ago I had been lounging around after shooting a custom video, and this ass addict sent me a text through my KiK messenger. He said, “

Wifey is out tonight, are you available?

I was just watching some show, I don’t even remember what it was LOL so I said sure, I’ll be on in an hour. He said ok and mentioned a tribute, but I didn’t get on until like an hour and a half later Hahaha I like to arrive a little late to stir up those feelings of desire, I am a tease Goddess after all. 

So I get on my computer, sign in to my Skype account and see his little emoticon of a white guy being cuckolded by an interracial couple, says ” online “. Im wearing a little  tanktop and some gunmetal color satin panties, standing up in front of the camera I demanded my tribute to be made. He made the first tribute of $180 to me via my Third Favorite tribute method , and we began chatting. His wife was out for the night and he was all alone laying on the floor. He’s a horny floor humper, he grinds and humps the floor instead of jerk his cock. Hahaha His goal was simple: hump the floor for my bare ass. My goal was even simpler: Tease, Demand $$ , Tease, Demand $$ , Repeat. 

Every pair of panties I put on, would drive him crazy wanting to see what my glorious ass looked like. After the gunmetal satin thong was on for a minute, he sent another tribute of $190 so I slid them off and flashed my bare ass for 30 seconds before putting on my pink thong and making him grind and squeal to see my bare ass again. Over and over this repeated, every time I changed panties, I made him tribute a higher dollar amount than the last tribute or double. By double, I mean like, I’d pull one side of my panties down to expose one cheek so he would be forced to pay the same amount AGAIN, for the other cheek to be exposed. HAHAHA It was great

After an hour of Tease-Flash-Rinse , he was out 1K for the night and I was off to bed to snuggle up next to my Boyfriend. The next day around 2pm I was relaxing and the floor humping ass addict sent me another text. He said,”

Wifey is still out, she spent the night at her sisters house. Are you available?

I was like HA! So I said sure, I’ll be online in about 15 minutes, but ofcourse I arrived a little late again 😉 I was even more energetic than the night before after getting a good nights rest, so you know what that meant! I was going to definitely get more money out of him.

I got online wearing a pink bra and pink and white lace panties, demanded tribute and onward he sent the first tribute. I turned on some music and we began. Tease-Flash-Rinse; Repeat. An hour later and…. I’ve rinsed 2.3K out of his wallet 😉 We came to an end at that point and I sent him away with blue balls, while I skipped over to my kitchen for some cake. It was a good day! 3.3K after less than 3 hours of humiliating, teasing, flashing and rinsing this helpless ass addict. He stood Zero chance against me. I’ve got a nice booty and I’m not afraid to show it

3 thoughts on “3K Ass Addict Rinse

  1. The $700 -680-500 tribute tho Rinsing @ highest level


  2. It’s always titillating to see how depraved males will become when the primitive part of their brains take over. How do you negotiate questions of morality when accommodating their desires?


    1. Craig, I don’t do anything that goes against my own morals, regardless of desire.


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