The most Odd ways I’ve made $$$

When my friends were first told of my lifestyle and career choices, they were shocked to say the least. They heard of different stories from sensual foot fetish domination with another girl, to doing a super bloody ball busting video in spiky heels. They were wide eyed with interest while being somewhat intimidated by me at the same time. Some people work a 9-5 office job, or a 6-3 outside laborious job, and others choose to Dominate people, mentally- emotionally- physically- financially. I never have thought of my lifestyle as anything weird or crazy, but it seems like most of society does LOL

Some fun and odd ways I’ve made $$$ 

  • Sticking my Tongue out at someone: $50 . Yeah thats it 😜 Go tribute me
  • Smothering a loyal foot Slave, trampling him, in 2 hours: $1200
  • 3 minute Yoga workout video in knee high socks with upclose view of my glorious ass: $A brand new living room furniture set, Nikon camera, tripod and video shooting set
  • Saying hello in a Surprise DM: $50 and two pairs of heels from my wishlist 
  • Flashing my bare ass for 30 seconds to a minute 14 times: $3,320 
  • Flipping a guy off on cam and telling him he was lame and useless to me: $400 

    The list goes on! I love it and I want more. Go tribute me now 😈

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