It’s A Party

Guess what? It’s my birthday month! The actual date is soon! But the month of May has 31 days in it so get to sending me gifts! worshipping, wishing me happy birthday, buying my videos in Bulk and sending me cash tributes are all ways you have available to appreciate your Goddess throughout these 31 days of Divina.


Peek-A-Boo send me a Birthday Gift! 

Choose what you want to send me from My Wishlist . The things I want most right now are heels and dresses, have you seen the gloriousness that are my legs?! 


Alpha has already booked me a full day of Spa pampering and then a 5 day Vacation. Cucks are encouraged to send cash tributes for alpha and I to use for our pleasure

What can YOU get me? For my rich guys, I expect either sexy heels and lingerie or cash tributes to Tribute Alexa Divina and Broke asses can get me easy things like high socks, nail polish, or individual panties. Try to include your twitter name in the gifts and tributes so I know who to shout out on my twitter when Im posting the pics of me wearing the gifts I’m sent 😉 If you aren’t following me on twitter yet, Look to your left it’s right there. Duh! 

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