Questions of the Male Ego

“Does she want me?”

“Does she like the way I smell?”

“Did she think about stroking my cock after opening that gift I complemented her with?”

The answer to those questions are always clear.. When you have pleased me.her. Women.

A male-whether he deems himself as a submissive male or an alpha male, can get the attention he craves from the woman he desires by pleasing her. Listening to our needs and catering to them, obeying my wishes as I lay them out for you, that is how that craving you have for me will be given attention. You crave my body, my voice, my attention and approval. Though..If you’re bad and do something wrong, I’ll punish you in any way I please. When I’m happy you can then be happy too. It’s the Universal Law.

Get on your Knees now. I know you’re questioning yourself right now. “Would she want me?” “Would she like to hear how much I want her?” “Will Goddess Alexa ever approve of my manhood?”

Getting The answer to those questions and my attention is possible .. All You have to do is be brave enough to see what will happen if you click those three little words below

Notice Me Goddess

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