This Weeks Clips

I’m uploading some new clips this week and felt the desire to write about them. I purchased, via giftcards from my two newest slaves of the month of May, a bunch of new outfits and home decor. $620 worth of stuff. Yay for good slaves. In this weeks clips, I’m wearing sexy purple stockings, tight white leotard, and dangly earrings in one of the facesitting clips and in the other, Im dressed in a sexy black corset top and lace panties. But then there’s the handjob clip I made. I’m actually wearing a dress! All bought ofcourse on a slaves dime. LOL It’s not often I’ll wear a dress, and usually when I do it’s a tight body forming dress but this time I chose to slip on a mini sundress, nice and feminine it swayed everytime I turned around. Kinda like a Marylin Monroe kind of dress but smaller. It was fun filming in this dress with how airy it was and easy to slide up and down my legs. It looked so sexy on video the way I slid my legs back and forth while pulling my dress up slowly to expose my silver silk panties.

In the Handjob video, it starts with my sexy boyfriend and I driving during sunset in Las Vegas. I catch his eyes going back and forth from driving, to my legs and back again. LOL I knew what he was thinking about… And ends with his bulging wet cock erupting in cum all over himself right as a patrol car pulled up next to us! Haha we had to quickly put his dick back into his pants and fix my dress. It was a real rush

Now my facesitting videos I”m uploading this week> Are HOT. But what else is new? 😉 I’m known for being a Facesitting Queen with the booty to match. But this week marks the time of my videos being even better, because my lighting, home decor and outfits have all been updated. New tight leotards, new panties. On a slaves dollar, Duh. I haven’t decided yet which one I’ll upload first, they’re equally hot but either way they’re going to be videos to definitely add to your arsenal.

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