Natural Domme Style

We all have a style we display in videos and photos, and then we have the style that we display during Domination sessions/Parties/One on One domination outside of videos and photos. It all depends on the lifestyle each individual Domme follows. Is she a Lifestyle Domme, or a Video Domme? Maybe she’s even a mix of the two. That’s where I come in, I’m a mix of Lifestyle and video. What parts of my life I can incorporate the BDSM Lifestyle Into- I do. The parts I can’t,  I act out in my videos.

Mmy Lifestyle has finally made way for room for a BDSM dungeon of my own, and I am so damn excited for it. If I could describe my dominant persona in a picture, it would be myself dressed in boots and a hot red dress, having a banquet just chatting and eating Delicious food, meanwhile a slave is chained against the wall as our entertainment(consensual ofcourse. I don’t condone holding someone against their true will, that people- is kidnapping. Which is not only illegal but also disgusting. Take note of that NOW). So you see my natural dominant style is of class. I’m not a Domme who is rude and abnoxious to people and senselessly beats submissives, that’s what a sad woman who never received enough love- does. Yeah yeah yeah, you may say ” well so and so does that and so does so and so, they’re in relationships and have families” yeah well if they’re still abnoxious and abusive, they’re still abnoxious and abusive and guess what? Humans don’t just come out of the vagina like that, those are LEARNED qualities. I never acquired those qualities because I have enough self respect and self love to feel a dominant nature and desire without the need to mentally and emotionally demean a person before I unleash my own physical dominance upon them. My dominant style is a natural one. I don’t need the black on black clothing with spikes, the leather jackets nor boots, to make you feel my dominance. It’s all in the eyes. Like the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Some of us have dominance, independence and strength in those windows while some have victimization and hate inside theirs.

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