Weak Mind, Hard Dick

I make bois mindless toys. Weak minds and hard dicks is all they become. I used to think the overdrive in the male cock was a nuisance, but now It’s a tool for me to use as I please- But you know that, and you like it. It’s strange at first to you, feeling good, feeling a little turned on even, after you make yourself useful to me. You don’t completely understand it but you can’t deny the excitement and arousal you feel from making me happy, worshipping me and financially draining yourself at my feet. That’s how I like it, keep doing that. Just like that. Matter of fact, what have you done this week for me? Have you announced your servitude to me yet, have you worshipped me with $25, $100, anything at all? Hmph. You better. You will. Right now, it’s already crossing your mind. The thought of feeling that excitement, that arousal in your groin while setting up a tribute for me. I like that

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