Sex Robots: Loophole for Males?

Have you heard? Sex robots are here. In fact, they’ve been around but now they’re super life-like and somewhat artificially intelligent. One was even on a tv show, like as if she was a normal person! Yeah, the perviest of perverts went around and found a way to get off to something other than their calloused hands. What they didn’t estimate would happen? People hacking into these bots and using them for their beneficial advantage. HA! Yes they can actually be hacked. The arms, legs, whatever can be fully used to the hackers desires, whether it’s to rob a bank or castrate you.


Apparently you can customize them. I like women too, the female body should always be worshipped and given the highest respects. But I would never get a sex robot, it’s a special kind of perv, a hardcore perv.


What losers. Just face it, your cocks should be controlled. Ideally by a strong sexy and confident woman like myself. Trust me, it’s best that way. You pervs are so desperate to release it just may cause you to end up as a news story “Local perverts dick bitten off by Sex Robot” . Save yourself the trouble, and get a Chastity Clip here then get a nice sexy cock cage-send me the key and lock that fuckstick up for me.

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