Read it Or Weep Losers, PTV Game

So, some of you who are on the website have received private, Pay-to-view messages from me at If you were smart enough to open such a sweet gift, you would see that It’s a game, a very fun game I call Read it Or Weep Losers. 

Sep-18-2017 04-11-26.gif

Pretty Hot GIF huh. Ofcourse it is.

Here’s how the game works:

I send you two PTV messages at random, they could be together or spread apart throughout the month.

Open 1 of them- you get your name on a raffle ticket to enter the game. Open both of them, you get your name on two raffle tickets to increase your chance of winning the deliciously lucky prize at the end of the game cycle each month. Aren’t I just such a generous Goddess! You lucky bitch.

At the end of the game cycle, I’ll insert every raffle ticket into my ticket drawing wheel, blindfold myself and pull out a random lucky winner.

The lucky bitch will then receive a spin at my Game Wheel and whichever prize it lands on, is what you will receive. MM, yes Victory.

Now, I know you’re not going to wait any longer, Go open up those PTV message in your account. Thats a command. Yes, that’s right a command. Pretty girls make demands and you meet them.



2 thoughts on “Read it Or Weep Losers, PTV Game

  1. i wished i were lucky enough to get one of those emails. ☹️


    1. You get them when you’re a member of and buy my clips or send tributes to


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