New Updates


Goddess Body Worship Poppers, Financial Domination for Beginner Finsubs, and Chastity Tease. Yes, that’s a lot of attention grabbing, cock teasing, and mind training in one week. Think you can handle it?

This upcoming goddess body worship/Poppers/Mesmerizing clip is my favorite one I’ve done to date. It’s sexy, quality, mesmerizing and has the option of using poppers of your own while watching- or worshipping my body as your poppers. Either way, the clip is delicious.

Chastity Sluts! You need my newest chastity clip. It’s Bratty, Hot and Mean.

My finsub boys and the curious of Financial Domination will watch my newest Findom clip and be drawn to want more. Which is exactly what I wanted 🙂 You may be new to financial domination, or maybe you haven’t taken the leap into yet due to being scared. I’ll show you why you want Findom and keep you coming back to do more, give more, be better.


3 thoughts on “New Updates

  1. You are the one true goddess that finally makes me hard when I give you money. You changed my brain, paying you is the best thing I’ve done with my pathetic life goddess. Thank you for taking my money. I will give more.


  2. Jesus Christ…. dudes are seriously losing their minds to this shit. Femdom/BDSM porn will be a pretty scary thing in 100+ years from now. I realize that men seek out this kind of porn themselves, but at some point you have to have a conscience.Some of these guys are just lonely and don’t know how to talk to women and end up resorting to this. They aren’t all scumbags. Don’t take this the wrong way, I just see how quickly this market is expanding and the effects its already taking.
    You’re a dangerous woman alexa


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