Maybe you’re a Level 10

If you’re a physically healthy guy, you produce around 300 million egg seeking sperm missiles per day. Just tucked away in those balls between your legs hanging below that eager dick. Sure you’ve masturbated day after day, jerking your dick with your own hand until that sweet moment of release. That moment of erupting euphoria, warm white and all over your hands. All males do that, but have you gone all the way and tasted, licked, eaten your cum? I can get you to eat you to stroke your cock until you cum and then tell you to eat it and most likely, at that very moment you would feel a sense of intense and erotic conflicting desires. Go with it and taste it, lick it off your hands, suck it off of your fingers one by one. At that point, you know you’re a level 10. A level 10 sissy.


Are your balls all filled up right now or have you already jerked off today? HA!

If you have already jerked off and came today, you owe me a cum tax $$$ PAY UP HERE  



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