Satisfying the Urge for Me

Your knees weak. Mind in a frenzy. You’re feeling a new sensation, a deep longing you have to satisfy. Just as your body starts buzzing with excitement it becomes clear to you:

You must WORSHIP SERVE OBEY Goddess Alexa. You’re feeling an emotion you can’t control, in fact you won’t control it. Let it go, let your mind and your body release it’s conventional, stressed, or boring life.  It’s something you know you need.

Join my empire. My female dominance, powerful beauty, and addictive body command it.

My Empire

If you don’t know already, my page ClubTeaseDeny tells you all about My Empire, what you will experience and benefits of joining.


3 thoughts on “Satisfying the Urge for Me

  1. How did you take control of me so easily, I belong to you goddess, your body makes me stroke and moan your name. Your attitude makes me empty my bank account, and your voice hypnotizes me. Next thing I know I’ve cum all over myself, given you my rent, and written u another pathetic loser letter to laugh at. Yet all I can do I say thank you goddess Alexa, I love you so much.


    1. Oh Sean, you sound like you’re in my trance. Get your head out of the clouds and drop a tribute into my account now. Then I want a new love letter

      xoxo Goddess Alexa
      p.s the x and o aren’t kisses and hugs 😉


      1. Alexa, tell me to give u all my money right now and I will. Tell me I’m ur little bitch. Ur ass took my soul. I’m ur little cucky bitch


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