Challenging Task

Stand in front of your mirror, Look into your own eyes for a straight 30 seconds and don’t look away. If any words come to your mind, say them out loud so you can see yourself saying them. Later, come back here and comment on this blog what those things are. Is it a challenge for you to comprehend respecting, adoring, and serving women?

Welcome to 2018 bitches. The future is Female, it’s time you get with the program if you haven’t already.

Why is it such a challenge for masses of boys, guys, men, around the world to do as you’re told by a beautiful girl or even a woman you don’t know who’s superior to you. There are more women on this planet than there are men and yet the majority if not all boys, are still so stupid. By stupid I mean *too dumb to function properly around us* Is it our soft hair, pretty eyes, pouty lips, bouncy boobs, big butt, round hips and powerful legs that makes you stupid?

Haha ha. NO silly. This is a “It’s you, not me” matter. 

My cat, who is a carnivore, will look at the meat served on my friends plate (Yes, I’m a vegan and they’re a meat eater) and has the respect for my word and self control of themselves to not lunge for the meat on my friends plate and run off with it. If a natural born carnivore can fight it’s own instinct every single time, then surely a human male, with the “human intelligence” and all, would be able to have respect for a womans word and self control as well? Us girls once believed that, now we know otherwise. Now we know that without a doubt, males need to be trained. Like dogs. You need to be house broken, taught to respect your femme superiors, be obedient, and wait on our every desire, wait longingly for the next moment you get to converse, interact, see, or serve us.

You know the saying “behind every great man is an even greater woman”? Well the reason that man became great was due to the training her went through under that woman standing behind him with a smirk on her face and her hands on her hips, with the leash to that man in her hands.


2 thoughts on “Challenging Task

  1. Hello Goddess. I’m one of very few or rare men who has no problem serving my Goddess, by means serving you and only you. You are very beautiful in so many ways which is why to me it will be pleasurable, honorable to be serving and obeying every command, accepting any torture and pain from well deserving Goddess such as you. Being dumb, honestly I can answer it’s just our nature and nature’s way of weeding out the dumb,the dumb men. Any thing else I may,should do for you


    1. I want you to prove what a good servant you are to goddess. I want you to start with a cash tribute to my amazon where I’ll use it to shop for a new outfit to show off my beautiful body in. Send it to and if you’re not passed out from the excitement of getting to personally please me, then send me a private text to my KiK messenger as well. Which you will buy at my site


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