All About October

Hello my good subbies and you too, curious vanillas lurking from your phone.  I have so much to tell you about this month. I know it only takes minutes for you to get excited and burst so try to make it to the end, for me. Put some backbone into it.

October is LOCKTOBER !

Ooh yes, Locktober the great month-long season of locking up cocks everywhere 😉 As in the one between your legs. You, your friend from work, psh even your most macho male relative, will get your dick locked in a cozy little chastity cage. FUN! Right? Ofcourse if you’re reading this thinking ” what is that? what is Goddess Alexa talking about? Lock up my dick? why would I do that? Is it comfortable? Does it hurt? ” then you can (1) Send me a tribute for my attention to you and (2) send me all of your questions about Locktober. This is officially my personal first year participating in the season of Locktober. I normally go about my usual business of owning my personal slaves and living my lovely life, but so many men beg me to own the key to the lock around their cocks, I knew It would be worthwhile to join in on the festivities of the season. More details about how to participate in Locktober with Me will be in my next blog post so pay attention. Might as well subscribe so you get the alert. Or you could just keep refreshing the page excitedly waiting for that next blog post. 🙂

MY STUDIO, VIDEOS, PHOTOS, and all that Fetish talent I possess:

I moved! So ofcourse that means a new studio setup! I get better with each studio I set up for myself and this time is no different. You know what I giggle about while setting up my studio? How you don’t get to see it until you watch some of my many amazing clips that will be posted all October long. I have a whole extra two rooms now to work with so you know if you’re a fan or even better, a personal slave, then you know I can make ordinary look simply fucking sexy.  I got some new props, dominatrix boots, and slave gear, slave funded ofcourse. I spent today setting up some of my new props and fawning over my new shiny dominatrix boots and tomorrow more [obviously slave paid] will arrive for me. If you can’t tell, I’ve been so busy! Busy being inspired to create and live, feel and see. Now I’m going to get busy owning, teasing, ruining and bringing you back to life again. Whether It be with simply my dark sexy eyes alone, or my entire stature in confidence.


If you’re a member of and participate in my Pay-to-View games, then you should know that for the past two weeks I’ve been holding a new PTV raffle prize game. My simplest one yet so easy even the horniest dummy could play. All you had to do was tell me your favorite fetish and If you could choose, what would be the fetish category I shoot the most for the month of October.


Execuutrixx, Poppers, and Tease&Denial 

So that means for the month of October I’ll be primarily focusing on doing features of those fetishes in most of the clips throughout the month. I’ll be releasing 12 clips this month, better get each one or barely live to regret it.

If you didn’t participate, you should realize the fuck up you made and make sure you take action to not miss the next one 🙂




1 thought on “All About October

  1. Hello Alexa. My name is Kent, and I can’t get enough of watching your edging and ruining videos. You make me so hard and I drip all over my pantyhose covered cage. I just love wiping it on my face.

    You are so fabulously amazing.

    If I were bring you a beautiful tribute, could I have the honour of you edging and ruining me?



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