Men. The Differences & Similarities between Real Men and Betas

“Real men” “beta men”.

Theres differences and similarities.

The major similarity? You’re men. Ha. Either way you’re inferior 😉 

When I explain to you the differences between real and beta men, you’ll get images in your mind of the things you’ve seen many “Dommes” and “Mistresses” post via social media/personal websites of what “real men” are and therefore “get” or “deserve” that you don’t.

Real men have real cocks. As in anything below 5 inches is not going to make a woman excited upon first glance. Not the second glance either so don’t get your hopes up, haha.

Real men make you orgasm. Did you know about 80% of women don’t get to orgasm when fucking a man? Step up your pleasure game guys, it’s Weak. Already 80% of you aren’t worthy of being granted amazing sex with a woman. 

Real men take care of their appearance and hygiene; manscaping, facial hair grooming, breath and body, skin, all of it.

Real men have big dick energy. Aka the confidence of having a big dick that delivers endless orgasms, and it’s a confident energy with a touch of ease and a whole lot of humility. THAT is some blow-job of his dreams, kind of big dick energy.

Real men show generosity even when it gives them nothing [physical] in return. You know what’s so intensely hot? When a man puts the desires of his Goddess/Mistress/Women in his life Before his desires. In tributes, gifts, running errands, doing what they say,  a real man does it.

The list goes on!

Beta men are the opposite.

Beta men definitely don’t make women orgasm. Whether it’s from being a premature ejaculator, being boring, or not pleasing her first, he’s not making her cum and therefore doesn’t deserve to fuck or cum for that matter.

Beta men are weaklings with their stamina and physical strength. What’s the point of being born with a natural ability to have more muscle content if you’re not going to train and use it? Wise up guys, pay me to shape you up I am internationally certified in Fitness after all.

Beta men often don’t take the time to research the best ways to take care of their own appearance, or carry out the actions to look their best. Uhm yes, we are totally expecting you to have clean and tidy nails, both hands and feet. I myself will NOT date a man EVER if I see he has dirty hands and feet.

Beta men think of themselves and their desires first. Tsk tsk guys, you hear that sound? The silence of your bed not feeling the warmth of a happy woman’s body feeling yours- because you’re so selfish. See the lack of messages in your phone? That’s proof no woman wants to talk to you, you selfish bad horndog.

Beta men are useless, unless they’re giving money to women. Then they at least have some use for the most important, beautiful, strong, gender on the planet. Which gives some meaning to your otherwise mundane routine life. Make yourself happy and be useful to a Goddess.

Beta men aren’t all the same either, there’s beta bitches and betas but that’s another blog post for a later time.

Being a beta isn’t all about what you see being said online, like “real men get to have my pussy betas don’t” kind of words. In my opinion, you could be a “real man” and that Still wouldn’t grant you the honor of this fine temple.  Like I said, you’re both still men, inferior to me. To get to please my body a man has to fall into the real men category, plus be a vegan. So I know, my standards are higher than even that of high standard women. So what’s the good news? No more confusion about what a beta or real man is.

Which are you?

1 thought on “Men. The Differences & Similarities between Real Men and Betas

  1. Lorenzo Williams November 9, 2018 — 5:57 am

    Tell me what or how I to prove to you that I’m man


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