BIG News

Oh Minions. Perverts. Submissives, Beta Bitches, and the rest of you jerkers. I have some news I want to share with you. If you use this news and act on it, maybe you’ll get to take advantage of it.

“What is it Goddess!?” you’re probably thinking right now. Ofcourse, when you hear about how you could benefit you perk right up don’t you? Stop. Right now. This is about ME. I said you could MAYBE take advantage of this BIG news. Its fun, sexy, one of my favorite things ever and better be yours too.

Are you aching yet? Feeling a little anxious excitement building up? Good.

In less than one month

On May 5

It’s my birthday Bitches! How wonderful right? I know. It’s the one day of the year where you have the opportunity to really Shine for Goddess. Stand out from the rest of the lurkers and jerkers. How? With participating in my Birthday Raffle game to win a Free skype session AND buying a gift from my wishlist. You can always ofcourse send Goddess Cash and Giftcards if you lack creativity in submission. To participate in my birthday raffle game to win a free skype show you’ll have to RSVP to my email with a “Count me in Goddess” message and sending $50 to my preferred site here



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