Before You Put it in

Once in a while I’ll come across a sex scene involving multiple people, either an orgy or just multiple pairs and trios of people spread out through a mansion, grunting moaning and fucking eachother. Sometimes it looks carnal and primitive, other times it looks like, nope nope it always just looks carnal and primitive. So basic. It’s all thrust, little touching and sensuality which are both huge components of any great sex session.

Ask yourself, do you fuck like a basic caveman grunting as he puts it in and takes it out back and forth in the same motion with no sensual passion. There’s better things to do before you put it in. You ever heard of foreplay? That thing you try to avoid doing because you’re so turned on all you want to feel is that release. Selfish. Also, Borrrrring. Sure, sometimes just getting right down to it is good, it’s in the moment, but for the most part you should be engaging in foreplay! Tease, tantalize, edge, makeout. Let your cock drip with precum begging you to put it in already. Let your partner feel like they *need* your cock, not just want it. You don’t want to underestimate the power of teasing and edging your partner and yourself.

My personal favorite is slow back strokes, playing with my hair, kissing my neck, lots of kissing, having my hair pulled softly and my boobs grabbed or squeezed together. By the time I’ve felt all those things I’m craving it, for him/her/them to put it in my wet pussy. It makes me so much more excited, my panties get soaked. I mean literally soaked. It makes me more passionate and vocal, turning them on more too and then we’re both in this quick deep breathing, hot moment of intense feeling between us. The orgasms are stronger, the connection is deeper.

Before you put it in, take it Slow. Make them not only sexually want you but feel in that moment like they just need you, like they absolutely must have you with them, wanting them, feeling them.

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