Do this to Get an instant better S#X Life

I’ve been into BDSM and the adult industry for about 4 years, and I’ve come to find that when it comes to their intimate or personal life, most men fall into 1 of 3 major types: the first one, Getting some alone time, unzipping your pants and grabbing your half hard dick and pulling it out while you search online to find some random impersonal video that you feel no connection to but need quick visuals to cum to. You probably turn the porn off the second you finish cumming with a little bit of disgust in yourself or the people you watched, knowing you’ll be back to do it again the next time you be boring and just “rub one out.”

The second, getting some along time, unzipping your pants, putting on a specifically bought video clip for what you’re craving the most, with a connection and you go along with it making your own personal experience. You might message the hot goddess you watched and thank her for being so amazing and doing what she does, if you don’t you should.

The third, you’re in your car, in your work place bathroom, wherever, even when facing the other way from your wife laying in bed, your dick is hard you’re horny and you feel your cock twitch thinking about a beautiful woman pushing you onto her bed and taking control of you, so you go to a personal page of a beautiful dominant goddess and subscribe to her exclusive content page, then get amazed at everything you now have access to. You’re even more excited, but also curious about what you’re going to see, watch, find and get to know about her. You develop a connection personally with her and it makes watching her even better. You might even start being a real man and serving her with what makes her happy, like she deserves. You do these things and your sex life is full and whole, it feels like bliss.

Just think about it.

OF- My Ass Owns Your Soul OnlyFans

AVN Stars- Dominatrix Next-Door Goddess Alexa AVN Star

Twitter- @FemdomGodAlexa

Learn these three Sexy Sites. Follow and Subscribe to them for Curiosity, Excitement, Worship, Orgasms. It’s that easy you helpless horny perverts.

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