BDSM. Do you know what each of those letters stand for?





I’m the divine Goddess Alexa. Dominatrix, Business Owner, Expensive Bitch. I could do various things to you, binding your cash, dominating your cock, accepting your submission and inflicting my desires upon you. The link between a dominant and a submissive is a unique one, not to be taken for granted. It’s natural to want to feel the control of a dominant women, studies show most men prefer to be dominated by a woman than to dominate her. Whether you strictly classify yourself as straight, gay, Bisexual, or Pansexual, Femdom is the undeniably strong and erotic power a woman holds over a man.

“There is a reason why all that is grand, expensive and beautiful is called a SHE”- The divine Goddess Alexa

Basics for Beginners:

  • What is Femdom?

     A Dominant and Submissive relationship in which a woman is in power as the dominant over a voluntary submissive.

  • Does it always cause physical pain?

That depends, do you need that, want it, allow it? If not, then No it doesn’t always include physical pain if ever(again depending on your limits). You’ve been watching too many fictional movies and need to start watching my videos.

  • Will anyone in my personal life find out about me doing this?

Only if that’s your fetish. Otherwise, a strict No.

  • What’s the difference between being your personal submissive/slave VS being an unowned submissive/slave?

If you’re asking this question that means you’re not currently a personal subby of mine but want to. Well, to officially be given the privilege of being my submissive/slave, you would start off with purchasing a slave application and return the answers within 24 hours. This is to see how well and quickly you take instructions. Incompetent slaves are turn-offs, we both know you can do better for me

  • Are all Dominant/Submissive connections and relationships the same or treated the same?

Ofcourse it’s not all the same. Not every sub/slave is the same. Some of you want to be a complete submissive slave for me, some of you will specifically want to be a Chastity slave or some of you want to be a Financial Domination submissive. Therefore, I don’t talk-engage-view-treat-control each sub/slave the same. I’m a woman with my hands in many forms of control.



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