Challenging Task

Stand in front of your mirror, Look into your own eyes for a straight 30 seconds and don't look away. If any words come to your mind, say them out loud so you can see yourself saying them. Later, come back here and comment on this blog what those things are. Is it a challenge [...]

Maybe you’re a Level 10

If you're a physically healthy guy, you produce around 300 million egg seeking sperm missiles per day. Just tucked away in those balls between your legs hanging below that eager dick. Sure you've masturbated day after day, jerking your dick with your own hand until that sweet moment of release. That moment of erupting euphoria, [...]

New Updates

  Goddess Body Worship Poppers, Financial Domination for Beginner Finsubs, and Chastity Tease. Yes, that's a lot of attention grabbing, cock teasing, and mind training in one week. Think you can handle it? This upcoming goddess body worship/Poppers/Mesmerizing clip is my favorite one I've done to date. It's sexy, quality, mesmerizing and has the option [...]