Members Fansite

Join my fanclub stable of slaves here 

Joining my fanclub membership site is a must to unlock dozens of clips and hundreds of photos, plus 

  • Bonus add-ons during my Exclusive Pay-to-View Games to help you win 
  • NO fee for my skype cam username 
  • Sneak peaks every week at new Femdom videos before they’re uploaded
  • Daily Slave tasks
  • Treats for exceptional servitude
  • More personal connection with me

If you truly want to experience, try out, be trained, or devote yourself as my slave you will join my membership site

Step 1. Have an email address

Step 2. Go to  and click FOLLOW 

Step 3. If you already had a username to subscribe to my member site, move to step 5. 

Step 4. So you don’t have a free username yet, but you will in 30 seconds from now by Clicking FOLLOW and filling in the easy sign up form

Step 5. You’ve unlocked the exclusive features of my members site and made your first step to a better life



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